Mojave Issue Solved by toggling KM accessibility

I must have missed a setting or something, but since upgrading to Mojave, about 90% of my KM macros aren’t working. For instance, it will switch to an app, but doesn’t hide other apps (cmd-opt-H), as it used to. In Chrome, the trigger (“\”) doesn’t open a link in a new tab (cmd-click) anymore. I have Automation turned on for all the appropriate apps (Chrome, Safari, iTunes, etc) and have given KM and KM Engine accessibility privileges & restarted my Mac, but can’t get KM working right. Any suggestions? Thanks! (I'm using KM v.8.2.4)

All right, I thought I'd found all the Mojave/KM forum posts before posting above, but I searched again and found your recommendation to toggle KM accessibility on and off. That worked. Thanks and sorry for posting prematurely.

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