Monitor key combination to keep a counter

Is there a way to have KM monitor a keystroke combination?

I'd like to have a macro running in the background that increases a counter every time I hit for example SHIFT + OPT + DOWN + ARROW.

Once I hit ENTER, I'd like to move the counter total into a variable.



Sure. Make a macro that is activated by SHIFT + OPT + DOWN ARROW and have it include an action to set a variable to a calculation, where the calculation is the global variable "counter" + 1. Then just hit the hotkey and the variable goes up by one. Hit it again, suddenly it's two. Then three etc. There is no need for the enter key as the variable always stores the total.

You might want another macro so you can easily reset the value back to zero to start a new counting workflow.

You will need to use the USB Device Key trigger to ensure that Keyboard Maestro leaves the key alone to be handled as normal.