Monitoring Changes to a Website Content

Is it possible to monitor URL(s) at set intervals for:

  1. changes to the content (specifically, when new content is added) or
  2. specified text to appear when new content is added
    and send a notification either via email or iMessage?


Have you tried ?

Hey @grado,

Can it be done? Yes.

Can Keyboard Maestro do it natively?

If the given webpage is unsophisticated and getting its code (without scripted includes) is sufficient Keyboard Maestro can get it.

Then you have to diff the code, and KM doesn't have a native tool for that.

You could possibly use a scriptable web browser and drive it with Keyboard Maestro to get text content or code content.

In any case – it's a complicated job that would require quite a bit of testing.


Most definitely, yes, you can do this.

My use case is slightly different to yours but you might be able to get some ideas from my example: It always annoyed me that when the Loupedeck software was updated it wasn't straightforward to (a) find out that fact nor (b) actually download the updated software. So I wrote a KM macro to do the job for me. (BTW - Loupedeck now performs the check itself, so there's no more need for my macro!)

The macro loads the web page containing the info into a KM variable, and compares that to the previous version of the web page, and if there's a difference, it downloads the new software and generates a notification. The difference function is achieved using the match operation in a KM If action.

While the specifics of my macro won't match your needs I hope you can see how you might adapt it.

Check for new Loupedeck download.kmmacros (6.3 KB)

This finally works for me, but I am using the browser feature of Visualping. I am not always at my computer and can't afford their $$$ plans and their free is too limited.

Is there any way for KM to "realize" there's a desktop notification and email me?