Monterey Voice Control and Button Triggers?

I'm experimenting with Voice Control in Monterey. Works great! I just have a question about triggering a Prompt button using the key assigned with "/" in KM action.

Below, the "Enter Text" button can be triggered with "e". But creating a "Custom Voice Command" to "Press E" does not work. Instead, I have to create a separate KM macro to "Simulate keystroke "E"". Why is this?

My advice comes from reading the KM documentation which says that the /e feature "will cause the Button to respond to a keystroke of «character»" but in your screenshot you have CTRL-COMMAND-Character rather than just COMMAND-Character. So based on what I read there, if you remove the CTRL modifier it should work.

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That worked!
My hodgepodge of screen images were not very clear. I actually created a stand-alone macro with a ""Cntrl+Cmd+E" trigger to simulated the keystroke "E" (my screen grab did not capture the trigger).

I need to read the WIKI more thoroughly. Thanks.