More JXA Hooks for KM Engine in Future Release?

It's awesome that there are many ways to interact with the editor using JXA in KM8.
@peternlewis, can we have easy ways to interact with engine especially actions using JXA?
I know I can use doScript, but it gets pretty hard to track of each actions with xml strings.
For example, it would be fantastic if we can easily activate/deactivate a macro (or group) with JXA.
How can I make such feature request?
Thank you very much!

or with AppleScript.

As of KM 8.0.2, we can access/control the KM Editor.
We can set the enabled property of a macro, but not its active status. I agree with your request. I've added the feature_request tag to your topic.

Here's an example AppleScript, which I'm sure can be (easily?) converted to JXA:

tell application "Keyboard Maestro"
  #    Ver 1.1    2017-09-20
  set macroList to every macro whose selected is true
  --- Make Sure Only ONE Macro is Selected ---
  if ((count of macroList) = 1) then
    set oMacro to item 1 of macroList
    error "Multiple Macros are selected.  Select only ONE and re-execute this script."
  end if
  --- Now We can Get/Set Macro Properties ---
  tell oMacro
    set its enabled to false
    set enabledStr to enabled as text
    set macroName to name
  end tell
  return macroName & "," & enabledStr
end tell

For more info, see Scripting the Keyboard Maestro editor

Thanks @JMichaelTX for the snippet.
Another reason why I prefer doing things through KM Engine instead of KM Editor is that it launches the KM editor and opens its window.
Whereas KM Engine lets you do things in the background because it's already sitting on the menu running in the background.

Good point. I agree.
We could definitely use more objects and commands in the KM Engine scripting model, to bring it up to par with the KM Editor.