Mouse Activated Copy Paste

Can I click and drag across some text and have the release of the drag trigger a copy command - Then

Have the next click trigger a paste command?

Makes for fast copy pasting without keyboard intervention.

Yes, this can be done (though not with Apple trackpads):

Drag to Copy, Click to Paste.kmmacros (5.6 KB)

But I do not recommend this method, as it makes mouse behavior far more unpredictable. Instead, I'd recommend looking into Popclip:

Hi gglick

Thank you for this! Yes Popclip is close, been using it for years, terrific extention. I was looking to recreate an action I used years ago from Quickeys. I just re-downloaded Quickeys (which in its current unsupported state is unusable) to see how it was set up. Here is the sequence:

The hot key was the tilde key but changing the hot key isn't working so it's now stuck on the esc key. Doesn't matter as I have to now uninstall Quickeys. Point is it was useful when it worked.

I put this together in KM:

Which allows me to select something then paste it using the mouse without the Popclip click at the end saving at least one click.

This allows me to use the trackpad rather than a mouse, which I prefer.

Thanks again for the effort.

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