Mouse back button as a trigger

Can I program my Logitech mouse back button to trigger an action? I want to program a click on the back arrow that appears in some windows in Photos (I’ve made this a Photos specific macro). AFAIK there is no keyboard shortcut or menu item for this.

I see a hint that shows using the “device key”, but only the right and left button are picked up by KM.

Logitech M510 mouse with right and left buttons, back and forth button and a wheel.

I also have Steer Mouse, but can’t see how to get there from here.

For the time being I’ve programmed Cmd-[ to activate the macro, but the mouse would be much better. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Yes. You have two choices:

  1. Using the Logitech Control Center (LCC), set the mouse button to issue a custom shortcut key.
  • Setup your KM Macro to use that shortcut key.
  1. Remove the LCC, and then all of the mouse buttons will be available as USB Device keys
  • Setup your KM Macro to use the USB mouse key

Note: If you remove the LCC, and you’re using a Logitech USB keyboard, you may lose the ability to use the function keys directly, requiring use of the [fn] key


Thank you.

I don’t think I’ll miss LCC (I went with option 2)—rather difficult software. Never could understand what all the pieces were. Was hard to get rid of. The LCC updater keep saying I had an up to date version. Kept deleting LCC in Application Support and LCC daemons and launch somethings and several reboots, but now gone and the mouse still seems to work— and the button does what I want.

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If all is good, then you can just ignore this.

But for others and future reference, I should have stated in my post that there is a LCC that you should use to uninstall it. If I remember correctly, it is in the Logitech folder in your Applications folder that is created when you install the LCC.

EDIT: 2017-11-29 16:10 GMT-0600

Actually it is in the Utilities folder:
See Uninstalling Logitech Control Center (LCC) Mac software