Mouse Button Help Needed - Any way to Program a Double-Click?

Hi all,

I have a simple logitech wired mouse with left and right buttons.
I have a very simple need: that the right button could be set to = double-click.
Apparently software is needed on Monterey to do this.

I found a few Applications that might do this. For this very simple need does anyone have any suggestions how to accomplish this - Any favorites?

  • Is there any way to anyway to program a double-click in KM?


Unless I'm misunderstanding, it's a simple one-liner:

_doubleclick.kmmacros (2.9 KB)

The key is the trigger is set to USB Device Key Trigger, and then you just right-click in the input box—this should show "Logitech Mouse 2 button" or something like that. You'll need to edit the trigger in the demo macro, as it's tied to my mouse.

Obviously, with this in place, you can only right-click via Control and left click.



very nice tip! - I will give it a try