Mouse click as macro trigger

I apologize for the basic question, but I am not facile with coding and I really did try to find the answer before asking.

I wish to have macros triggered by (a Logitech multi-buttoned) mouse. Moreover, I need to have said macros initiated within specific applications. (I can only find mouse activity as executable actions.)

My "macros" are nothing more complicated than a sequence of keystrokes.

Thank you in advance.

For the Trigger you can use a Mouse Click plus a modifier, ie ⌥(Option)+Mouse Click , that way your macro won't be not triggered on every click

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Again, sorry for my ignorance. I am specifically asking how to use a mouse click as a trigger. I do not see any applicable choices under the "new trigger" items for mouse clicks.

Oh, I did discover it. USB device key trigger. Somehow I had only looked at USB device trigger. Thank you, my question has been resolved.