Mouse Drag Horizontal Vertical MIDI CC Rotary Knob

Hello, can I ask help?

I have a Relative MIDI CC Knob that outputs CCW(Data2=63) and CW(Data2=65)
I want to trigger a mouse click drag horizontal.

The action would requires:

If !play
Get Mouse X1,Y1 position
Send, Mouse Left Button down
{ MouseMove, 15, 0, at the current mouse pointer.}

if no movement within 300 Miliseconds Breaks loop
Send, Mouse Left Button Up

Move mouse to X1, Y1 position.

My Example is to Mouse Click Down a Color Wheel in Davinci Resolve then Move mouse . If no movement within 300ms then Mouse click up.
Or a similar functionality to that of a NOB controller

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Any help Here? Thank you.