Mouse Enhancement Utility

This utility won't be for 99.94% of the people out there, but it works for me when playing a graphically messy game. It's a single action macro which draws a circle around your mouse once per second. Most people would hate it, but if you have a program that needs it, here it is. Oddly enough you can change the number "1" in the macro to "0" and then instead of using a periodic trigger you can use a loop which means the circle follows your mouse much more realistically, but it flashes and that's annoying. I would infer (of course I could be wrong) that the KM engine uses a drawing technique that is not particularly fast. I've read that the Metal API in macOS is pretty fast.

What I would like is a much faster drawing routine, and I should have the option of an "inverted colour" instead of just red. My eyes aren't perfect but it looks like the routine currently in use to draw the circle actually has explicit code to make the red circle slowly fade out. There's no need for that code.

If you want performance you'll have to use something dedicated to the job like Mouseposé

There are a couple of these sorts of utilities out there, and I seem to remember at least one being a freebie.


Thanks for the info. I was not aware of that. (I'm unaware of over 99% of what's on the internet.) Half my reason for posting was just to illustrate an unusual use of Keyboard Maestro.

I just noticed that when I said you can change "1" to "0" I didn't clearly indicate I was talking about inside the action, not inside the trigger.