Mouse Location in status bar to help me writing KBM macros

One thing I need all the time when writing macros with KBM is the location of the mouse. The quickest way to do this is press Ctrl-Shift-4. But using that method it is often hard to read the coordinates. I finally found a better way. I found a free macOS utility called BitBar (get it from GitHub) which is designed to put text in the Apple System Bar (i.e., the top right part of the screen) using the stdout of any application. And I combined that with a free utility called MouseTools which displays the pointer location to stdout. (“MouseTools -location”). So now, once per second, the location of the mouse is updated in the Apple System Bar. This will make it easier to use KBM with screen coordinates. If I had only figured this out 5 years ago I would have loved using KBM so much more. Now that I think of it, KBM should incorporate BitBar into itself so that we can have an action that displays text in the Apple Bar. That would be sweet.

Is there some reason the Keyboard Maestro Mouse Display does not meet your needs?

Window ➤ Mouse Display

I didn’t know that feature existed until just now that you mentioned it. Sorry! Even though I spend 2-12 hours per day working with KBM, that doesn’t mean I’ve discovered all its features. You’re the author and so you definitely know all its features, but as a self-taught person it’s easy for me to overlook an important feature.

Still, I’m glad I figured out how to write data onto the Apple Bar and being able to write my own chosen data into the Apple Bar is, for me, potentially more useful than the Mouse Display feature. E.g., I can put my own debug information up there. So I still assert it would be sweet if KBM allowed us to place data on there directly. But I know you can’t implement everyone’s wish list.

Actually, I’ve forgotten about a feature on a number of occasions :wink:

I agree that your solution is a nice generic tool to have in your tool belt, but probably not something that Keyboard Maestro would do.