Mouse movement X or Y, or speed, with Mod keys as Trigger?

Quickeys allows you to assign a particular mouse movement -
either X or Y axis, or a certain speed of movement,
with a modifier key as a trigger, it's very useful.
Any chance of getting something like that for Christmas? =)

  • I also have read the posts about scrolling not able to be used for a trigger.
    Any chance of getting something like that for New Years? =)

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Keyboard Maestro and Quickeys are very different in how they solve problems.

Quickeys prefers monolithic actions, where as Keyboard Maestro prefers orthogonality. See:

for more of a discussion on this.

So in Keyboard Maestro, if you want to move the mouse at a certain speed, that is not an option Keyboard Maestro has, but you can do it yourself manually using a For Each or Repeat loop as I described to you earlier:

Its not impossible that I will add some option to the move mouse action to specify steps or some such, but it is quite unlikely - it is very rarely needed and there is already a viable solution for those cases that are needed.

You can use a modifier key as a trigger using the USB Device Key trigger, assuming the device is not exclusively held by its driver.

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