Mouse not moving/clicking relative to the active window

I have a basic action that moves the mouse to the specified coordinates (obtained using Get button) in Nimbus Note Mac app's window.


When I press Go button, it works correctly and takes the mouse cursor to the correct location.

But when I run the macro either from a palette or otherwise (like a Hot Key Trigger) with the app in focus, it goes relative to the entire screen.

Any idea?

When you run the macro, what does the WINDOWCOUNT function, and the %WindowFrame%1% token contain.

Maybe there is no front window in the current application, or maybe there is some sort of hidden full screen window.

Can you please tell me how I can check those?

Use the Display Text action to display the %WindowFrame%1% and %Calculate%WINDOWCOUNT()% in the action instead of the Move Mouse action (and then stop the macro at that point).

Hey @Sridhar,

That's odd; it works perfectly for me on Sierra with Nimbus Note 6.18.5.