Mouse Position Changes

I'm new to KM, tried to find a solution to my problem but couldn't, so please be patient with me...

I'm using KM to automate a series of actions in Avid Media Composer. Part of the automation is copying and pasting data from a list, which is in a bin inside Avid.
Every time I run the macro, a new clip is created in that bin, and all other clips drop one line in the bin list. As a result, the box I'm copying from is in a new location, and the mouse position I defined for the copy command is no longer true.
After a few repeat steps, the box I need to copy goes down beyond the visible part of the bin.
in QuickKeys I "Locked" the position and the macro followed the box as it went down the list. Is there a similar command in KM? Or maybe another way to copy from the right box as it changes position?

Help my, please.

yes, one was is to use
Click at Found Image

you can also add a Simulate scroll wheel if that helps

Thanks for answering.
Finally I solved it by double clicking in a window and reposition the box in the right place.

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