Mouse Position When Recording Macro

I found that I am running 3 monitors, with the center monitor as the main monitor, then when I record a macro and click the mouse on the 3rd monitor (far right), that the absolute coordinates are not being recorded. Not sure if this is just the way it is, or if something is not working correctly, or if I was doing something wrong on my end.

Just thought I would note it.

I only have two monitors, so I can’t check your setup, but recorded mouse clicks on the second monitor (on the right of the main monitor) are recording the correct absolute coordinates (ie, the recorded coordinates are the width of the main monitor plus the offset in to the second monitor, properly recorded from the top left corner of the main monitor (the one with the menu bar in it in the Display Arrange system preferences)).

After recording, you can adjust the relative corner (until you make another change to the action or until you quit the Keyboard Maestro editor, then the extra information is abandoned).

Yes, that is how I coded it and the absolute works fine.

The issue I was having is that the recording function for the script was giving me absolute, but only within the monitor on the right. The main screen x coordinate was not being added to the position during the recording. So if the monitor A was 2000 pixels wide, then rather than x being returned for 2500 on the second monitor, I was getting 500.

No big deal really, but just a little quirky. I could have been missing something but just thought it worth mentioning.

One last thing - my monitors are positioned 27" / 27" / MBP 13"