Mouse Position wrong

I’m trying to create a macro to automate changing policies at OpenDNS aka Cisco Umbrella that I use for home/family. It would be substantially easier if they have some APIs that were available to non-corporate customers but that’s a different problem.

My problem is, the Mouse Position in my macro doesn’t match where it’s actually putting the mouse when it runs the macro. I have a macro that fits the window to the left half of the screen via Better Snap Tool and then mouse movements, relative to the front window’s top left corner, to a location, wait, click and so forth. A key element is a dropdown at 567,567 and when I run the macro it puts the mouse at 567, 590.

Any idea why it wouldn’t put the mouse at the correct position?

Please post/upload your macro. We need to see it in order to help.


might be a moot point now: ran it 6 more times to test and it’s hitting the correct drop-down now.
I was going to try to forego the mouse clicking and use ‘type a keystroke’ since my testing showed that worked once you clicked in the drop-down box.

I don’t think I’ve changed anything on that part of the macro so, I have no idea what is or if anything is different as I wasn’t logging all my experimental changes. I do know that I was just using whatever it put in when I recorded the the mouse actions.

I’m going to let this go for now and I’ll come back and update if I have any further problems.

BTW, great app! Saved me lots of little annoyances via automation.
Also discovered that it can be used to fake various events with my employer’s IM app to give the impression that you are at your desk, using your phone or participating in online meetings. Useful when working from home and need to do some uninterrupted reading/training videos.