Mouse Trigger on Markdown Link

Hi, I have a Markdown editor (The Archive) that presents interfile links as [[202103320856]]. When clicked on the editor switched to that particur file. I’d like to interupt this. Using CMD Click or a OPTION Click as a trigger for a macro that would do domething different with the underlying [[202103320856]].

Is this possible?

I seriously doubt it. Someone else may jump in with a way to do it, but I doubt it.

Hey Will,

You can intercept the click from your USB device, but you cannot change the behavior of a link that is clicked. Not with Keyboard Maestro.

I do seem to remember a utility that used to let you fool with link/app associations, but I'm not sure it could do so on the fly with modifier keys.

I'm not sure any of these will help, but it's worth a look:


Hello @kestrelcreek ,

Maybe I can help you out a little bit here....

If I remember it right - and you have at least Catalina as your OS - you maybe can do this with the Application Choosy - I don't have it for my own because I am not on Catalina.
It is an App for just 10 $.

But there is another one which can also give you the ability to do this - and I am working on something for me with this Application. It is BetterTouchTool.

I hope this helps you out...

Stay safe

Greetings from Germany