Mouse Won't Move Pointer To Click on Image Even If Image Detected

... and the conditions are true.

The macro is as follows:

Triggered by any of the following:
This application:

 Or by script.

Or via the web server for public, authenticated, and iPhone access.

Will execute the following actions:

Execute AppleScript:

Execute text script and ignore results:

tell application "System Events"

tell process "WorkflowServiceRunner" to set its frontmost to true
delay 1

tell process "WorkflowServiceRunner" to count its UI elements
end tell

If Conditions Met Execute Actions

If all of the following are true:
The screen: 
contains image

execute the following actions:

Move Mouse to ( -50,-20) from the Found Image's Bottom Right Corner
otherwise execute the following actions:

The macro works only when I click on "Try" and "Move". However, when said process launches it triggers nothing. The pointer fails to acknowledge the conditions that KM registers as matching ones.

`I have the same problem when using the mouse click on image action. The mouse moves to the correct place on the image but does not click to move on. Please include me in any response to Scrutinizer.

It's hard to be sure, but I suspect that the reason it doesn't work when you run the full macro is that the image is not yet ready on screen when KM gets to the bottom of your macro. If so, there's more than one way to fix that. The way I would fix it is by adding an action that says "pause until image is found". In that case, you wouldn't have to have the "If Image is found" clause, but it wouldn't hurt to leave it in.

A second possible cause, which I can't tell from this information, is that there are two copies of the same image on the screen and you have chosen "Unique" as the search operator instead of "Best."

My first idea has a 50% chance of being the cause. My second idea has a 10% chance of being the cause.