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Hello guys!

I'm having some issues with a feature.

I try to create a simple auto login to website, however, Keyboard Maestro is not able to find any image – or at least the correct one.

I have no clue why. Made multiple different screenshots. But all with the same problem.

Hope someone can help!

Video with the issue:

I uploaded a Image with the "image" to look for.


Best regards,

Hi @flogisch, could you upload the full macro/screenshot. If you have stored passwords in your macro. Please delete them before uploading to the community.

Could you also name the website that is shown in your video. Why is this in the deep black? Is this the way the website operator wanted it?

Hey Flo,

In general you don't want to use the Found-Image action for this sort of thing.

You want to use the appropriate browser action.


What web browser are you using?


Hey ccstone,

Thanks for your reply!

I'm using the Safari browser.

Btw, somehow the find image thing works sometimes and then not^^.

Oh, this function looks good. I'll try to get something to work with the front browser actions!


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Unfortunately found-images are a bit finicky for several reasons, so I only use them as a method of last resort.


Holler if you get stuck.


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