Move Chrome Tab Over?

Is there a way to move the current chrome tab left or right with a shortcut? I know I use the move and click mouse action to accomplish this, but it doesn't move very efficiently.

I installed the Rearrange Tabs Chrome Extension early last year. It works.


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I am looking for the same functionality, is it possible to move tab position in KM?

My use case is: I have a KM trigger to open multiple tabs in chrome. One particular tab takes long time to load, so I want to open that tab first. When all tabs are opened, I wanted to move that first opened tab to the end of the tab list (for better workflow).


Hey Henry,

You can't with Keyboard Maestro.

All of Keyboard Maestro's browser functions are AppleScript under-the-hood, and Google hasn't provided this functionality – nor can you use JavaScript via Apple Events to do it.

You can open a tab, close a tab, change a tab's URL, and select a given Tab to be the Current Tab.

I have a Chrome extension called “Move Tab Hotkeys” that allows keyboard shortcuts to move tabs around.

With that installed you could do what you want.

I'll have to try the extension KC recommended, and see if I like it any better than what I'm using.