Move, Copy or Trash a file.. Need help

Figured it out… how do i delete post?

Sorry this is all very new to me

Excellent question. Been wondering the same thing.

You can delete a post by clicking the ellipsis icon, then the trash icon. (See here.)

If you meant how to delete a topic, I’m not sure if it works. I found this on the Discourse forum, FWIW.

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You can delete your post, if it is a reply, using the method @Tom suggested.
If you want to delete a topic you created, then you need to click on the flag and request a moderator to delete the topic.

May I suggest that in general, it would be more helpful to others to go ahead and post the solution you found to your own issue/question. If you have a question, most likely others will also.



The solution was to enable the Macro group, I was just trying to save myself some embarrasment :joy:

Will do as suggested for my next problem. Thanks!

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We’ve all been there, trust me!

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+1 :thumbsup:
I wholeheartedly agree. When a person wants to do something - even if they have an idea how to execute it, sometimes they are looking for ways someone else did something to improve their own macro.