Move Cursor and Click in a Box on Chrome

So I am using Moodle a course management software in Google Chrome.

When I activate the macro I want KM to move my cursor to a box where I can then enter a grade using another action.

Seems pretty simple. This is actually the first step in the script. I want to then have the cursor type a grade and move to the comments box (probably using the tab action), but I am stuck on the first step and feeling a bit stupid on this.

Here is the action using a simple found image center. The display seems to hit the box correctly, but the mouse is not moving and the cursor is not in the box. I have tried using the double click and the single click. I have tried a brief pause before the Move and click.

So first is the screenshot of the moodle page in chrome. I am wanting the cursor in the small grade box.

Then here is the simple action that is starting this script:

Any help would be most appreciated.

This kind of thing is really difficult to troubleshoot without testing.

Can you provide an actual test macro and a test page?

I can attach the macro, although it is just a single action. Not sure I can do a test page from Moodle because it is a site our school uses internally. Maybe you were thinking of something else.

Grading.kmmacros (11.4 KB)

An empty box isn't a particularly distinct/discrete image for KM to find, and could be prone to error because of multiple hits.

Can you just "Tab" a number of times to activate the form field?

If the page is well coded you might be able to activate the box by clicking on its label, and an image of the "Grade out of" section of that has more chance of uniqueness. Try manually clicking that and, if it works, try using that image in your macro.

You might be able to activate, or even set, the field using JavaScript. Try "Inspect Element" (or however it's called in your browser's Developer Tools) and post the relevant HTML snippet -- someone might be able to help.

You might also be able to use an offset from a better-discoverable point. For example, if the web page always loads in such a way that the box is in the same position relative to one of Chrome's window's corners you could use that corner's coordinates and a bit of maths to "blindly" click at a certain position.

Some Moodle sites are public, but I'm guessing this one isn't. Since we can't test directly, a full screen shot of your setup might help.