Move cursor back to original location

I have a macro that will move the cursor to a second monitor and click on a pallet option using "found image corner". Works great, however it is a little disjointed to move the cursor all the way back to the first monitor by hand because you do not see where the cursor went.

Is there a way to capture the mouses current location and move the mouse back to this same location at the end of the macro?


The Click Mouse action has an option (in the Gear menu) to control whether to restore the mouse location.

Alternatively, you can store the mouse location in a variable and restore it later that way.


Sigh.... Several months ago, I created a variable (mousePOS) to text to do this... I never saw the restore the mouse location within the move and click action. :frowning: That's what happens when I don't read. Peter, I know I say it frequently but Keyboard Maestro is the gift that keeps giving. My goodness!


Thank you so much - works like a charm!

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