Move cursor one word forward or backward

In some applications (like OneNote), basic OS X text navigation shortcuts like ⌥→ don't work—instead of moving to the beginning or end of the word, the cursor only moves to the next/previous character.

Is there a way to replicate this command with Keyboard Maestro? Simulating the ⌥→ won't work because the keystroked doesn't move the cursor as expected. Perhaps some sort of regex locate the beginning/end of a word and move the cursor there?

Trying to figure out where the cursor is in text, and manipulating it, is a recipe for extreme frustration, and usually spectacular failure. :slight_smile:

I would think OneNote actually does have a hotkey for those things, just not the ones you’re used to. Assuming you can find them, you can easily remap them.

I can go into more detail if you need - just let me know.

Here’s a list of shortcuts for OneNote for the Mac:

It does, and it’s technically supposed to be opt+left/right arrow, but it sadly doesn’t work for whatever reason.

Are you using OneNote for the Mac, or are you using something like Parallels and running the Windows version?

The Mac version

Hmm. Do you have anything like Karabiner running that might be remapping the keystrokes behind the scene?

Looks like you’re not alone?

Oh lovely.

Hopefully someone else will pop in with a solution, or at least more information.

Yeah, I’d be interested to see if there is a solution, just for fun, since it would mean you could make a shortcut for moving the cursor 3 words ahead/backwards or anything else related.

I’m with you on this. For a long time I was struggling with cursor movement in the Atom editor, and trying to get key remapping to work the way I wanted. Something always ended up conflicting with something else. I finally gave up and used KM to do the remapping, and now (almost) everything is just how I want it. Joy.

FYI, this is fixed in the latest OneNote update (from Microsoft, not MAS yet).

Ha, yep. Literally just tried this 30 seconds ago :slight_smile:

The ctrl+k binding doesn’t work, but that doesn’t work in any of the Office programs. So yay!