Move Cursor to Selected Item

If I am in a app (any app, in this case DevonThink) is there a way to move the cursor to the currently selected item (a database or group or document) ?
The impetus for my question is to find a way to open the context menu of the selected item which is not possible with the menu.
thank you

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Hi Ronald,

Perhaps the solution in this post can help. I think it is doing (sort of) what you're asking for.



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Unfortunately, sometimes it works and most of the time not. Thank you for thinking about my problem and your suggestion

thank you. I had a look.

Hey @ronald,

Well – it can be done albeit not perfectly.

Move or Click Mouse.kmactions (11 KB)

You have to use a found-image action based on your Mac's highlight color.

Depending upon your application you can often find an image that will be unique enough to make it pretty bomb-proof and efficient.

The above image works perfectly in my Finder and includes a 1-2 pixel-width gray line on the left.


That represents the very edge of the window up against the sidebar.



I had unsuccessfully tried that method. I will try again with your macro and following your image instructions. thanks very much

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WOW ! Works perfectly ! thanks again


the one and only @ccstone


yes !