Move cursor to specific spot/button on front window

In Quicken I open a certain report and want to export the data. After the report opens, there is a specific spot that the “export” button appears. I have to move the mouse to that button/icon and right click to export the data. I have a macro to open that report, but I can’t figure out how to add this next step so I can just press my hotkey and have it export without have to move my mouse.

Are you talking about this row of options that appears above a report in Quicken?

If so, when I click Export, I then get a contextual menu with two more choices. Or are you on a different version of Quicken with a different Export button layout? If so, it'd be helpful to see it, as you'll probably have to use a Click on Found Image action. (And I think you mean left click, not right click, correct?)


If the button is always in the same place, I would opt for a static click relative to the front window corner, using the Click or Move Mouse action.

If it's my version of Quicken, the report is in a standalone window that can be positioned anywhere onscreen—and each report seems to remember where it was last positioned.


As long as the button is in the same place relative to the front window, you're golden.

Good point!


Yes that is the window I have with the 2 choices, but I can’t figure out how to create a macro to click on that menu and choose export.

Like this:

___Quicken test.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

As noisneil pointed out, that button never moves in the window, so you can click at a predetermined point to activate the menu. The Down Arrow selects the first item in the pop-up menu, and Return activates it.

Note that this macro has no safeties of any kind: It assumes Quicken's report window is open, for one, and that's a big assumption. And you may want to add more tasks after the export location dialog appears; I've not done anything beyond getting it to show up.


Also worth mentioning KM11's new button scanning options that may come in handy here...