Move Global Macro Group to top of list or otherwise highlight

I’m not a heavy user of KM and it took me five minutes to find the Global Macro Group. It should be highlighted somehow or put at the top of the list. All Macros and Enabled Macros get that treatment.

I had a macro that ended up in an app specific Macro Group. I couldn’t find a menu item, right click item or suggestions in the wiki on Macros on how to move my macro tot he Global Macro Group. And that group was in a list of about 20 other groups, so it didn’t stand out.

Thanks for listening.

I agree.

Fortunately, you can create your own "global" group, and give it a name that put it at or near the top of the list.
Here is what I did:

Note that I have 3 Smart Groups at the top, that won't show on your system.

You can name your custom global group with any character you want to sort it to the top of the list, like "!" or "@"

The following may be helpful to you to more quickly learn Keyboard Maestro. In particular, the "Tutorial" introduces the "Global Macro Group" right away.

Getting Started with Keyboard Maestro

  • Read the Quick Start.
    • This is essential to become familiar with KM terminology
  • Do the tutorial (Help ➤ Tutorial) in the KM Editor.
    • Gives you a live walkthrough of creating a macro in the KM Editor
  • Review/Browse the Available Macro Actions
  • For Help with an Action in your Macro, click on the gear icon at the top right of the Action, and select "Help"
  • Search the Keyboard Maestro Wiki for detailed help.
  • Start small, and grow your macros organically.
  • Be prepared for some trial and error in the beginning.
  • Make good use of this Keyboard Maestro Forum
    • Search for existing macros
    • Post your questions/issues if you get stuck

I know RTFM, but these days I'm running dozens of different apps. No excuse, except that the manual didn't cover my issue. This is not the first macro program I've used over the years and relearning gets old. OK I did make excuses.

I did take what you said and will try a Smart Group and see if that works.


Note blank at front of name which puts it on top. This may serve as enough of a reminder without duplicating KM.

Thank you

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@DanThomas has made some excellent tools for Keyboard Maestro. One of them is:

I don’t rely on that one, but I use this one every day:

Believe me, I know the feeling. I’m in the same position with LaunchBar.

It is not the relearning (or maybe better stated as learning a new app) that is the problem for me. LB is a great tool that I’m using 100s (literally) of times a day. Yet I know I’m only using about 10% of its capability. I’ve tried to read the docs many times, but it seems I don’t get the organization and/or terminology enough to find what I want, and I have limited time.

Fortunately, we have some KM members here that are LB experts, especially @Tom.
He has been kind and patient with me, offering me LB tips many times in this forum.

So, @KBM, please feel free to ask any question you have.

Many years ago I invented (or started using) the “15 minute rule”, which means that if I can’t find the answer to my question from the app documents/menus within 15 minutes, then I called the Help line. I referring to mostly “how-to” stuff, not major design questions.