Move mouse after each loop

I need the mouse to start at a specific location and run the macro.

Then the next loop I need it to move up 15px from that last beginning position.

Rinse and repeat 42 times.
Is this possible?

Move or Click Mouse Action (v9.0.3)

thanks for the fast reply!

I adjusted my post.

I need it to always add 15px upwards after each loop

I need it to check on these little eye icons. making its way all the way to the top

Yes, Use that 'move mouse' action at the end of the loop (within the loop) and it will move the mouse up 15 pixels before the start of the next iteration. Possibly a little pause before inserting that action would help.
~ also note that within that when you trigger the click actions, under the 'gear' settings, there is a 'restore mouse location' that can be checked or unchecked, I would think this might come into play with your earlier clicks....