Move Mouse Cursor to Text Cursor Position

Is there a way to move the mouse cursor to the same position as the text cursor?

I would like to control right click menus associated with the text at my text cursor. Not all right click menu options are available via an application's menu bar. Spellcheck options like Learn Spelling would be one such example.

An older StackOverflow question[1] indicates that this is not possible - but we're now 5 versions of OS X later so I'm hoping something might have changed here. Or perhaps there's an Accessibility feature now available for synchronizing the mouse and text cursors?



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No utility I know of can do this.

OSX simply doesn’t expose the contextual menu of the cursor location to a keyboard API – nor does it expose the exact position of the cursor to allow a utility like KM to move the mouse pointer to that location and perform a right-click.

Personally I think it’s nuts, but Apple plainly has never understood (or cared about) convenient keyboard access to all menu items. They’ve been way too mouse-centric over the years.

(I am well aware of the keyboard shortcuts to move focus to menu, dock, etcetera – these are all awkward compared to Windows – sad to say.)

Apple’s disdain for usability is/was one of the primary reasons why I thought the 128K Mac was junk. It was pathetic from a usability perspective. Then came an upgrade to a MacPlus, a DataDesk 101 keyboard, a RAMDisk, QuicKeys, a succession of usability utilities – and the Mac became a player.

I’m still using one 30+ years later.

And still cussing about their shortcomings.  :smile:



Hmmm… If one wanted to right click at the flashing cursor could one use move and click to the image that is the flashing cursor? I know it’s not the greatest of solutions because the cursor is both very thin and it flashes so one would need pause and repeat it once, I guess…

So maybe that’s an option?

Actually one could do the following if that doesn’t work one (as a dirty work around) could do the following:

Have your macro type a “§”. Now you can search the document for the “§” character (either with images or maybe there’s a better way?). Double click on that position then right click on said position. There might be better pictures you can use (like the apple logo ?). Messy work around but it could work! :slight_smile: (Note: I think that may be dependant on font size actually…)