Move Mouse to Active Monitor

I know there is a Trigger called "The Focused Window Changes," but I was wondering if there is a way to trigger and action only when the Monitor changes. I have multiple external monitors, and when I switch to an application on a different monitor, I want the mouse cursor to follow the "active" monitor. That is, the active application on the other monitor. That way, I don't have to physically move my mouse from one monitor to the other to interact with the application now in focus. The Focused Window Changes does work, but it fires even when you switch apps on the same monitor, and even when you open different windows within the SAME app.

I totally get your pain/need. :wink: I have a similar setup, and I have a macro that is a work-in-progress that does this, and actually takes it a step further:

When focused window changes:

  1. Makes sure it is a valid app window
  2. Moves mouse pointer to either a preset location for that app;
  3. OR, moves it to the last position of the mouse in that app.

It seems like this should be fairly simple straight-forward logic, but I have found it to be complicated to handle all of the special cases where the window is not the normal app window you are expecting. For example, the Chrome Bookmark Bar uses dropdowns that are actually individual windows. Were I to do a rewrite at this point, I'm sure I could do a much better, cleaner, job.

Sorry for the long story, but bottom line is this: Are you willing to accept my macro as an early Beta?

If not, you can stop here.

My macro is somewhat "dirty" and hard to follow -- not really suitable for public consumption. It has been working well for me now for many months, but I just don't have the time to clean it up for public release.

Given that, if you would like to accept my Macro as a "Beta", and just use it as a guide to build your own, or tweak it to work for you, then I'd be willing to share. But you will have to do most of the work if you find issues. I'll try to answer a few questions, but I don't have time for extensive research/debugging.

So, are you willing? Do you feel lucky? :wink:

I'm feeling lucky!! Lay it on me!!

Hi, I apologize if you saw my reply already, but, I was just wondering if you are still able to share your macro? Thanks.