Move mouse to previous location

Is it possible to save a certain mouse coordinates to a variable?

Here is what I am doing right now. When I click on a certain combination of hotkeys, Keyboard Maestro moves my mouse to another location, makes a click and stays there.

I want to improve this by moving the mouse back to the original location it was at previously.

How can I do this?

It is possible to save mouse coordinates to a variable and use them to restore the cursor's position later with the Use Variable action, but the easiest way to do so is to make sure this option is checked in the Move or Click Mouse action's gear menu:


Hey Arun,

It looks like Gabe's got you covered for your specific use-case.

You can easily save the mouse position for later use as well.


Save and Display Current Mouse Coordinates.kmmacros (5.7 KB)


Thank you, @gglick and @ccstone! I used @gglick's method and it works. Appreciate your help!

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