Move Selected Finder Items to the Specified Folder

I'm struggling to get this macro to work. the only thing that I changed is the destination list to a bunch of folders I use regularly by copying the file paths in the Finder.

It's choking on the Regex. Here is the error:

KM Engine Log:

Search Regular Expression failed to match %Variable%local_RegExPattern%. Macro “Move Selected Items to Specified Folder v1.01 in progress” cancelled (while executing Search Variable “DND_MSI_moveToDestinationFolderPathList” Using Regular Expression (ignoring case)

I sure hope someone can help with this. @ccstone ???

Hey Larry,

Give me a bit. I'll probably post more recent versions that are easier to use, but I need to give them a sanity check first.



Hey Larry,

Please test this for me.

If it works well I'll redo the companion add-folder-path macro.

  1. On the first run it will create a text file for you to place your folder paths – along with some default locations.

  2. When you run it again it will offer you the ability to edit that text file.

  3. You can change anything you like EXCEPT the top line which contains the command for editing the path file.

  4. You can use full Posix paths, but it's generally better to use $HOME-based Posix paths where possible such as ~/Documents/Note Files/

  5. Keyboard Maestro's Prompt-With-List action allows you to add a visible-name string to alter how the folder names are displayed – i.e. you don't need to display the entire folder path if you don't want to.
    So ~/Documents/Note Files/ can become ~/Documents/Note Files/__Note Files and when the dialog pops up it will only display Note Files – but will return the entire path e.g. the portion before the double underscore.

Clear enough?


Move Selected Items ⇢ To Specified Folder ⇢ v1.03.kmmacros (20 KB)


Perfect! Works like a charm.

Many thanks, Chris and thanks for your tireless contributions to the KM community

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