Move the Mouse Cursor to a Specific Found Image

Let's say I have 3 images and I'm using the IF THEN ELSE and then use the "any of the following". So now I have this:


Assuming that KM finds all 3 images, but then I want to move my mouse to a particular image, for example, "go to found image 2" (based on their position on that IF list).

When I'm just looking for a specific image, I can use this:


But how can I add a specific image "position"? Something similar to this (but this doesn't work):


to pick the first second image.

Hope it makes sense...

One way is to use multiple Find Image On Screen actions like so, each set not to abort the macro if they fail.

You can then use each variable (as in your example above) to move the mouse.


Great. This seems to do the job! Thanks!

This is set inside that menu on the right, correct?

Yes, it should show an X, not a ✓.

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Thanks! Will try it