Move to application on a specific monitor

I have a shortcut that is executed on an app, that works fine. That app has two screens though on two different monitors. I want the shortcut to execute on the screen/app window I specify. Can I do that?

I.e. imagine you have two chrome windows on two different monitors and you have a shortcut, activate chrome and then create new tab, but you only want that to happen on monitor1.

Thanks guys

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Update: suggested solution deleted, because there is a far easier way! One moment please...

In Chrome:
a) Create a new window.
b) Move it to your first screen.
c) Name the window "screen 1".
a) Create a new window.
b) Move it to your second screen.
c) Name the window "screen 2".

The windows "screen 1" and "screen 2" should now appear under Chrome's "Windows" menu. You can therefore use Keyboard Maestro to select the desired window using a select or show a menu item action.

Of course, that kind of action can then be used again to target the "new tab" menu item in Chrome.

I will not install Google's Chrome, but I have tested this idea under another member of the Chromium browser family (Brave).

One downside of naming windows in Chrome is that it names all tabs within that window as well:

But with the window not named:

So if you intend to do anything based on tab names, named windows make it impossible. We reported this as a bug many cycles ago, and they haven't done anything about it, so I assume it's expected behavior.


Oh dear. That unwanted behaviour does not occur in Brave.

Perhaps it is then worth mentioning my original idea, which I had deleted here. Here it is... Does Chrome behave itself? :slight_smile: I tested the idea using Brave's equivalent of profiles ("people").

One way would be to use two profiles in Chome. For example...

Initial setup:

  1. In Chrome, create a profile called "screen 1".
  2. Create a profile called "screen 2", also.
  3. Create a macro with two actions:
    a) Select a menu item with "screen 1" under Chrome's "profile" menu as the target.
    b) Select a menu item action with "New tab" in Chrome as the target.
    c) Assign a key trigger, e.g. shift-control-1
  4. Set up a similar macro for "screen 2" and give it a different key trigger, e.g. shift-control-2.

Setup for daily use:

  • Switch to profile "screen 1", and open a new window on your first screen.
  • Switch to profile "screen 2", and open a new window on your second screen.

You can now conveniently switch between the two windows + add a new tab by pressing the corresponding shortcut.

Note that login information and other data will not be shared between the two profiles – it will be like using two separate browsers in that respect. This may or may not be a disadvantage, according to your requirements.