Move to Next Action in Repeat Actions Loop When an Image is Found

I’m running a looping macro using Repeat Actions for a variable number of times. I’d like to stop the current loop of the Repeat Actions if an image is found and move to the next loop of the Repeat Actions. This is essentially some error trapping where a message pops up that says a certain file can’t be found and if that file can’t be found then I don’t want the Repeat Actions loop to continue through the rest of the process. I’ve used the Found Image but I’m struggling to find how to break the loop and move on to the next action once that image is found. Thanks!

Use the “Break from Loop” action to exit the loop.

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There is no “Continue From Next Loop” action. The Break From Loop action will go tot he end and continue after the loop, not continue repeating. So there are two options:

  • Repeat N Times
    • Do stuff
    • If image not found
      • Do more stuff


  • Repeat N Times
    • Repeat 1 Time
      • Do stuff
      • If image found
        • Break from loop
      • Do stuff

Thanks! I went with the first option via the If Then Else functionality.