Moving a Window With a Name Containing (...) to the Current Workspace

I am using multiple Mission Control workspaces, and I would like to "pull" a window (from wherever it is now, generally a different workspace) to my current workspace.
But it appears that in order to select a window, it must already be in the current workspace; otherwise I get an "Action Failed; ... could not find any matching windows ..." error.
Is there an alternative way to get a hold of a window?

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Unfortunately Apple does not provide a public API for working with Spaces and Mission Control. Until they do Keyboard Maestro will not support them.

Other utilities that work with them are "hacking" the system at some level, and Peter refuses to do that.


Take a look at this macro set by @_jims:
Desktop Spaces • Macros for Navigation and Window Management

It looks like (although I have not tested it) that he may have solved issues like this.

Thanks @JMichaelTX, indeed the "Move a Window to the Current Space" macro by @_jims is very close to what I was looking for. Didn't work for me (could not activate an app in another space) but the idea looks workable; perhaps there is something about my setup that makes it fail. I hope Apple will at some point add an API for manipulating spaces...

Yes @XZF , I suspect that you don't have Mission Control Preferences set as follows: