Moving Files in the Cloud with the KM Move Action is Slow

Have 106 macros in 8 palettes in Finder to facilitate moving files to specific folders.

Below is a sample of one. Kinda like a manual version of Hazel.

It takes around 3 seconds between triggering the macro and the file moving. This seems slow. Should it be quicker?

Tried disabling all but one of these macros with no change.

Folder and Files all in 2TB of iCloud space.

Everything else including a macro using an AppleScript to call up a nav window to select a folder to move files to, works quickly.

Running 12.2.1 macOS & 10.0.2 KM on new MBP 64RAM 2TB SSD.

Question: how large are the files in question? The move action will take longer depending on how large the file(s) is/are. For instance, when I move small documents (PDFs, small images etc.) the move is instantaneous... but if I move large files (videos), it can take several seconds... during which time the file appears not to move.

Moving one 5kb email has the same response so doesn't appear size-related. Thank you for the thought.

Hey Bern,

Does this happen with files on your local hard drive?

My best guess with the given information is that you're experiencing a network lag when doing a direct move with Keyboard Maestro – whereas AppleScripting the Finder smoothes the process.


Not so much. While not snappy (I'd say a .5 – .75 sec delay between clicking the palette and seeing the file move), moving between folders on the local drive removes the noticeable lag.

Do you have any thoughts about reducing network lag? I'm getting 445dn & 18up internet speed through WiFi. Might an AS be faster than the KM action?

We're talking fine-tuning now; it works well enough as is.

Thank you!

You'll only know if you test...