Moving mouse to 2nd monitor selects/focuses on app on second monitor

Hi there,

First post here - loving this software for a couple of years now.

I'm looking to create a situation where by when I move the cursor off of one monitor screen across to a 2nd monitor, the app that is on the second monitor is selected.

Could it be done by 'if the cursor moves into a defined region' or 'crosses a vertical line of pixels'?? Or perhaps 'make app active if cursor is above it's front window'?

To be clear - I have an app that is taking up almost all of my second monitor and I'd like that app to be active just by moving over the top of it. Thanks!

There is no trigger in Keyboard Maestro that will do this. I think the only way would be to have a Macro that is constantly monitoring the mouse position in a kind of loop. This might be a starting point:

But if you do manage to achieve your aim I think you might find it a bit annoying, if every time the mouse moves to the second monitor a particular App is activated. You would need to have a way to enable or disable the behaviour which introduces more things to remember...