Moving on to Instagram Photos

Hello? I can't speak English This post asks questions through a translator.

I want to know how I can click on the button to move on to the next picture on Instagram.

Help me

Hi and welcome to the forum! :wave:t3:

If you mean the next post, have you tried the left and right arrow buttons? They work for me.

If you mean the next image in a carousel, you may need to use Javascript, which I don't have any experience in, but I'm sure someone else will offer some help.

Hi, noisneil!
Thank you for responding to my post.
I hope you understand my English

Not the next post

Looking at the pictures that belong to one post

Do you understand? :grin:

Have a good day

Okay, I just tried this and it works:

  • Install SelectorsHub.
  • Open an Instagram carousel post and right click the next image button.
  • In the contextual menu that appears, click SelectorsHub and then Copy Relative Xpath.
  • You can now paste this into a Click Browser Link action in KM. I use Brave Browser, so mine looks like this:

Instagram - Next Carousel Image.kmmacros (19 KB)

Macro screenshot

You can try the Click Safari Link or Click Front Browser Link actions, depending on your browser of preference.

SelectorsHub for Safari

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Thank you for your answer.
But I need to study more :joy: