Multi line prompt box

The current box supports only one input line at a time.

Can I have multiple line input box using KM?

Hey nexgen,

I believe not.

Although you can enter more than one line in the text field by using Option-Return.

If you really want multiple lines then you'll have to use an AppleScript or a GUI-Builder app like Pashua.

Here's a sample of the AppleScript method:

Keyboard Maestro “Multi-Line Dialog using AppleScript” Macro

Multi-Line Dialog using AppleScript.kmmacros (3.1 KB)


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Thank you, Chris.

It should also be possible to use the new custom html prompt in version 7.

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I don’t presently know enough HTML/CSS to adjust it, but there’s an example in Menu > Window > Macro Library in the Keyboard Maestro editor.


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