Multi Select in the Keyboard Maestro Prompt

Hi All,

I use the Keyboard Maestro prompts a lot.

I cant figure out how to multi select (if possible options).

I.e. for this:


I have the note_tags option with tech|food|garden|work|home|edc|software.

I want to sometimes be able to select both tech and garden ie. is this impossible?



You can't multi-select in a pop-up list UI element -- you'll have to either convert the single note-tags variable into multiple variables (one for each value) and use checkboxes, or leave it out from that dialog and use an extra "Prompt with List" action with "Allow Multiple Selection" enabled.

Thx @Nige_S!!

Your tips last few days are superb!

So I went the "Prompt with List" action with "Allow Multiple Selection" enabled which is great

The only problem is when I save that into a variable it saves every selection to a new line:


Where as I want it to be in one line, ie

#music #software #video

Is that possible?

Really appreciate your kind help!


It's just text, so you can "Search and Replace" every linefeed with a space. The trick is that, when you multi-select, every line including the last has a linefeed that will become a space -- so you'll have a trailing space at the end of the text which you probably don't won't. But KM has a "Filter" action with the option of "Trim Whitespace", which removes all whitespace from the start and end of some text.

To pretty things up a bit -- the "Prompt with List" action allows you to display a "friendly" value instead of the actual data you want to return when the item is chosen. You separate the two with a double-underscore, so:


...will display Music to the user but return #music to your macro.

Putting that all together:

Prompt Example.kmmacros (3.6 KB)


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@Nige_S Amazing!

Did did the trick, thx so much for your very kind help!