Multiclick macro in a palette

I have integrated @noisneil's excellent multipress macro into a palette. With the keyboard it works as expected. But with the mouse unfortunately not. Is there a way to make this mouse compatible? Short click, long click, double click?

Yep! Use the USB Device Key Trigger.

Hotkey - USB - Multi-Press.kmmacros (89 KB)

Macro screenshot

Thank you @noisneil. Basically it works, but unfortunately not as expected.

(1) If the macro is in a palette it is always triggered, no matter where I click. Of course I would like a macro to be triggered only when I click on this palette item.

(2) Does that mean I have to choose either key trigger or click trigger? Or is it possible to combine them?

But listen, if this is too much work, don't do it. Your original Mulitpress macro is perfect, with the small disadvantage that I can't click on it in palettes.

Can you post your palette macro so I can see what you're dealing with?

The macro below opens my palettes (global and/or app specific. And in these palettes I then insert individual macros.

Which macro?

So do you want the macro I provided above only to be active when a palette is visible? Or do you want clicks only to register when you click the palette? Presumably both?

To do what?

Something that might be a dealbreaker here is that, unlike hotkey triggers, KM won't 'eat' mouse clicks. When you press a hotkey that triggers a KM macro, that key is intercepted by KM and doesn't pass through. Mouse clicks, on the other hand, are not intercepted. So, if you want to do a double click and have that do something without the first click being registered by the palette, you're out of luck. I'm only guessing here, as you haven't really described what you want these mouse clicks to do.

I would like to have the normal behavior of a palette with your Multipress macro.

So, an "item" (I don't know what to call it) of the palette can be triggered with a shortcut or with a click on exactly this item.

Let's say the shortcut is "a". If a certain palette is visible I can use your multipress macro to make three different macros out of one "item" with the trigger "a". short/long/double pressed.

The question is, is this also possible with the mouse? But as you say, probably not, that's ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, but of course I can use your Multiclick macro in another way.

When a palette is open, I can trigger three different macros with a certain click (short/long/double clicked). That's good. :smiley:

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