Multiple Editor Windows

As I did with Keyboard Maestro 8, I will endeavour to post some tips about using the new features in Keyboard Maestro 9.

The first one is that you can now create a second (or more) editor windows by using the File ➤ New Editor Window menu.

The windows have independent state, so you can edit one macro will viewing another macro, making it easy to drag-copy actions from one macro to another, and they remember all their details on relaunch as you would expect.

Note that there is a performance penalty in this, since Keyboard Maestro has to update both windows, and particularly if you are editing the same large macro in both editor windows you will see some lag as Keyboard Maestro has to re-generate the other window’s macro for each change. But in most situations this should not be too much of an impact.


Great change!

This has been one of the most useful features for me. I often copy certain portions of macros from one to another, and being able to do that now without having to sort through my 780 different macros has been a life saver.

I think this is an awesome feature. Also, I think it's great you're doing these topics. Is there any way they can be organized or whatever so it would be easy to find all of your tips? Thanks.

Dan, a simple search using Peter's forum name and this category will work:


This lag can actually be quite severe, up to 2-3 seconds as you type for the character to appear.

Easy Workaround

But, good news! There is an easy workaround: Just create a dup Macro (⌘D) so that you are NOT viewing/editing the same Macro in both windows.

Then, when done editing the original macro, just delete the dup copy.