Multiple entries in "available when focused window title is (not):"

Hello forum,
is it possible to add more than one entry in a folder's option for "available when focused window title is (not):"? (see picture)

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EDIT: 2017-08-16 8:36 PM CT

Per @peternlewis' post below, this does NOT work:

I haven't tested this, but you might try using a RegEx expression, like:
^Expression Designer|Adobe Acrobat|Microsoft Outlook

Instead, use this:

Good luck, and let us know if this works.


You can’t use “^” to get a regular expression match, but there are other options in the “Available” menu that use a regex match instead of an is/contains test.

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Can I ask you to expound on this a tad further?

Thank you

Did you see my revised post?

No, I haven’t seen it until now, thx for the reply.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember where exactly I encountered the problem.
I haven’t finished the macro yet, will post as soon as I remember.

Post edit: JMichaelTX, your’s was the solution.

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