Multiple hot key triggers

I am using GoodTask which has its own two global triggers to bring the app to the front and another one to enter a new task. However, these only work when the app is running. I have defined a macro in KM which triggers on both the same hotkeys. Now I’d like to decide what to do in my macro depending on which of the two hotkeys was triggered. I tried using the %TriggerValue%, but it says „not available in editor“. How is this feasible?

That simply means that it can NOT be displayed in the KM Editor. It will work fine when the macro is actually triggered. I use this all the time with great success.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of an example? Thanks.



Example Output



Aha, you have to copy %TriggerValue% to a local variable first. That solved it, thank you.

No, you do NOT, but I think that is best.
You can also just use it directly in the Display Window or other Actions.