Multiple instances of Keyboard Maestro on one machine?

I am currently using Keyboard Maestro to run several different macros triggered in various ways (cron, email, folder, remote, applescript, etc) on a daily basis on a remote machine dedicated to these tasks. Most of these macros are for file management purposes, but also need to interact with certain apps in conjunction with a pretty complex Dropbox/Zoho system we've devised. I often run into a problem where I need to trigger one macro immediately, but cannot because another macro is already interacting with an app (textedit, for example) that would cause a conflict if I ran them simultaneously. I have set up semaphore locks for any macros that would cause conflicts with each other, but that requires me waiting for a less urgent one to finish before triggering the more urgent one. I have come to the conclusion that it may be best to separate these macros into 'urgent' and 'non urgent' ones on two entirely different machines. Before I do that, my question is this:

Is it possible to run two (or more) instances of Keyboard Maestro on the same machine, by either installing two different versions on separate user accounts or even by installing two different OS's on the same Mac? My goal is to try and separate my priority 'need to happen right now' macros from the other macros that are less urgent. Is this possible? From what I understand, it is not a good idea to run multiple instances of KM. Are there any recommendations on how to accomplish this, or is separating them on two completely separate machines the best/only option? Thank you!

For sure yes you can do this with separate user accounts.

I don't know if other options will work also.