Multiple Mice - How To Recognize Mice Separately And Their Button Clicks



Trying to assign keyboard keys to mouse button clicks. We have multiple mice plugged into the computer and it works great to assign one mouse’s buttons to trigger keyboard keys through the “This Device Key” trigger. Our problem is that we have multiple mice and want to assign them separate keys for each of their buttons. Example, mouse one left click triggers keyboard key “A” and right click triggers keyboard key “S”. Mouse two left click triggers keyboard key “J” and right click triggers keyboard key “K”.

Our basic goal is to use multiple mice to play local co-op games with them. Some of the games are preset keyboard assignments and it’s very difficult to have four people on one keyboard. We thought assigning our mice to the keys could help with the small space of the keyboard we have been trying to play on.


USB Device Key triggers can tell the devices apart only if they are different devices. So if you get an Apple Mouse and a Microsoft Mouse, you probably can use different buttons. If you have multiple identical mice, Keyboard Maestro cannot tell them apart.


You might also want to use devices like the XK-24 or such.


I have multiple mice that are different brands/makes. All of them are identified in KM as USB Optical Mouse. Maybe I need to look into renaming or changing the system recognition of them?
The reason we are using mice is because they are inexpensive. That XK-24 is rather pricey and way beyond what we would ever need.


Well, if they all report the same USB Device Key name, then you’re out of luck I’m afraid.