Multiple Quickmacros

Hey guys,

I just had the thought.. one quick macro is great, multiple quick macros would be even greatererer!

Imagine something similar to the "Named Clipboard Switcher", where you can record temporarily different quick macros, assign them to different "quick macro slots" and recall them individually.

I've been using the awesome script to save a QM by @DanThomas, which is great if you want to keep something more permanently. I'm looking for something, that's faster - to temporarily store very simple short macros, that are not worth saving longterm.

Does that exist already? Or maybe that's a feature for the future? Does anyone else see a value in this?


I'm just going to answer my own question here -

I didn't realize you could simply duplicate multiple "Quick Macro" - Macros instances!

Not exactly, but pretty close.

You could append "@QM" to all of your Quick Macro names, and then use the Trigger Macro by Name action in a macro.
When you trigger this macro, you would enter '@QM" (without the quotes) and it would list all of your Quick Macros.

Alternatively, you could assign the same hotkey trigger to each of your QMs, then when you press that hotkey they would all appear in a Conflict Palette.

Does either of those meet your needs?

@JMichaelTX Thanks, there are great suggestions!

Assigning them to the same hotkey trigger seems to work for recording them, but not for the "playback" part. The Conflict Palette doesn't show up, it's just executing somewhat of a combination of all recorded macros. :thinking:

This is because they are configured by default to Enable Repeat (ie, they trigger while the key is pressed). Just like a regular hot key that is triggered “white down”, it will not result in a conflict palette, both will fire.

If you can live without the repeating ability (which generally you can), then turn off the Enable Repeat checkbox in both Record Quick Macro actions and you will get a conflict palette when recording, and a conflict palette when playing.