Multiple Selected Regions in Pages, and its impact on KM

I just noticed today that the newest version of Pages on macOS allows for multiple selected regions in the same document at the same time. You just use CMD-LeftClick to add more selected regions. You can then operate on these selected regions simultaneously. It's a curious innovation that I have never heard of before now.

Will this impact KM? KM's actions usually operate on clipboards, not on selected text. But I can think of two actions that impact selected regions directly - Copy and Paste. In Pages, using the newest version, if you try to copy multiple regions with the macOS Copy shortcut, it seems to copy all the selected regions and concatenate them into the clipboard, with each one separated by two newlines. But if I use the macOS Paste shortcut when multiple regions are selected, all the regions disappear except the first one which alone gets the clipboard inserted. (I'm not sure if I like that design decision, as it seems destructive. I would rather see each selected region get replaced.)

I just did a test, and it seems that the KM copy action does copy multiply selected regions, but inserts only one newline between each selected area, while the macOS copy shortcut inserts TWO newlines. That's unexpected. Can anyone explain the reason for this difference between the macOS copy shortcut and the KM copy action?

Are there other KM actions that could be impacted when it comes to multiply selected regions?

Non-contiguous selection. Word has done it for a long time, but you'll more often see it in code editors (eg Sublime).

Each handles things in its own way -- pasting into Word with multiple selections will replace each selection with whatever's on the clipboard but you've seen Pages do it differently -- so I've a feeling you'll only find out about any KM impacts when "surprises" happen.